Dreams to Succeed

Motivation and hardworking achieved your dreams to succeed.


Motivation push-up you to achieve your destinations. It helps you to set your goals. Life is useless if you do not set goals. You can motivate by watching videos of successful personalities and can set goals for life. It is very important to succeed in your dreams.


When you set your goals, put your full force to achieve them. If you want to achieve something good, only your dedication and hardworking can do so for you. To succeed, hardworking is most important.

Hazrat Imam Hussain Alayhi Slam

10th Muharram_ul_Haram, the lovers of Hazrat Imam Hussain Alayhi slam suffer from the great pains to Karbala. Today, the nephew of Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam was slaughtered by the opposite so-called Muslims. The Innocent, the great slaughter, the great hero of Islam, the beloved nephew of Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, with the innocent 72 family members and a few lovers fight with so-called Muslims for the establishment of true Islam.

The whole day of the 10th Muharram, the Muslims suffers from that great grief that happened in Karbala. To recall the innocent Hazrat Qasim, Hazrat Ali Akbar, Hazrat Ali Asghar, Hazrat Abbas, Hazrat Zain_ul _Abadeen, Hazrat Zainab Hazrat Sukaina Alayiham_slam, and the great leader Hazrat Imam Hussain, we promised to establish a true Islam. We promised to practice the true teachings of Islam.

Great Personality

The ocean is deep and great personalities are like the ocean. When you meet a great person who did a good job in his life and is very successful in society with a positive response. If you talk to that great person, he will be very pure. His thought will be fragrant to you. You must be inspired by that personality.

An ocean has many kinds of creation in its open monarchy. The creation enjoys freely and an ocean has very space for them to enjoy their life. The ocean and a great person are similar in their behavior. A great personality gives you peace, pleasure like an ocean.

They took their place in your heart like an ocean. You looked at them with a smile because they won your smile like an ocean. If you do like their work, you will be also appreciable.

The One, The Sustainer

The great Universe speaks to us. I can hear it and feel it. Today In the sky, I saw the birds and the honey bees were commanding each other and deciding where to go. It was most fascinated. The scattered clouds with a flow and beautiful honey bees deciding to go to find sustain. One was commanding and looked like an army chief. The soldiers of the honey bee were very obedient.

The commander honey bee delivers orders to the soldiers honey bees to go four sides of the sky to find sustain one by one. The commanding was inspiring me. A couple of birds decide to go to the East. A group of birds decides to go west. Every kind of creation speaks, The Sustainer, The One is around us, and taking care of us. In East, In West, In North, In South, The Sustainer is everywhere.

My pleasure

My wish is the pleasure of my whole life and my family. I have two beautiful kids and their smiled faces make me too much happy.

My brother, sisters, and my nieces, nephews, uncle aunts, and every person in my family are all beautiful. If they are happy I am glad. If they are worry I am worried.

My country Pakistan is very beautiful. My pleasures increase when I saw the advancement of my country. I want to play a great role in its advancement. It is a slaughters country. I love my Pakistan.

Praising is a fume

Praising is smoke and it seized our minds. Sometimes it is beneficial but occasionally it mistreats. Who doesn’t like praising? Everyone likes to be praised. I also love praising. But some of the people took hold of praise. If they admired, they worked, when you left admiring them, they don’t notice you. Even they don’t like you.

praising and admiring the right abilities is very important. I appreciate that criteria of praising. If it is going to be wrong then don’t admire it, it is toxic for you.

Ability to Learn and Unlearn

The learning process goes on with your passion. If you are passionate to learn new things, you can learn and unlearn skills quickly. To be updated, it is important to learn new things and skills.

What is unlearning and why it is important?

Unlearning is to get rid of those skills or things that are not demanding in the modern period of life. To move on it is necessary to learn something new.

To learning, I recommend you four points to remember. It would be helpful to learning;


The passion to learn the newest skills and knowledge is most important. If you are passionate you can move on easily.


I must do so, it is a commitment. To be focused, commitment plays a great role. Without commitment, you can’t learn.


Curiosity is very important to learn better. Curiosity kicks you to do a better job.

4.Ability to learn and unlearn

It is very important to decide whether you are happy with that skill which is not demanding or learn something new for the advanced time.

Earth gratified when pious lives on it

Earth has a great life and it has seen countless periods of life. From the knowledge of Islam, I can understand, the pious person makes it alive. The pious humanity is the beauty of the Earth. The sinners destroy it always. But the pious who believes in one Allah (God) and the Prophets sent by Allah, are satisfying the Earth.

In my conversation, I always raise the talk about the pious person. Who are the pious people?

The answer is: “The followers of the Prophets and the achievers of positive goals of this world and hereafter.”

Purity is half of Faith

When you see, the people who wore the robes of his religion, whereas they are looking dirty, they are not religious. They are only pretending to be able to get the attention of the crowd.

The truly religious person likes the cleanliness of surroundings and inner. The creator (Allah) loves beauty and loves those who are neat&clean.

Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallem said: “Cleanliness ( Purity ) is half of faith.”

When we clean our house and put everything in a manner, after that we clean ourselves, we feel better. Our soul feels good.

Yet, you tried to clean your inner, how would you feel?

My feeling always changed when my vision is pious and pure.

If someone enhances the habit, cleans both physiques and souls, pray of one creator, Spoke the truth and be honest, and avoiding sins, he should be able to get half of his faith.

Night under the Heavens

A dream to touch stars

In summer, I always sleep under the free heavens. The sky the stars and smooth blowing wind, how can imagine if someone sleeps in closed doors. They can’t wish to touch the stars. But I can imagine.

Last night, the night was very pleasant. The cold and calm wind was lapping me. The stars visited to see me with a bright shine. Scattered clouds alarming me to go into a room but I never heeded. The lapping of winds slept me. After a while, the drops of rain-washed my face, and I woke up. Oh, but the heavens pleased me a lot.

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