The Pious People and the right path

When we work honestly we achieve peace of mind and soul. When we help others to bring their life good and easy, it gives us serenity and comfort. This is the right path to get the attention of pious people. What do the pious people? What is the right path?

The Pious People

  1. Pious people imagine the optimism
  2. They are very focused on their beliefs
  3. They set the principles of life and kept pointed always
  4. The pious people spoke softly and spoke piously
  5. They loved the cleanliness and kept surroundings clean
  6. They tried their best to help the people in their tasks
  7. They helped others without earning the money

What is Life?

Life is like a book. The first page of this book is birth and the last page is death. The central pages are full of his actions. The Creator allows us the time to write on those pages according to his laws. He told us the laws of life by their messengers and the Muslims are very blessed to have a great and perfect model in the form of the last messenger Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallem, he was the most beloved to Allah. If we succeed to write our pages of life according to the messenger’s teachings, we will succeed in the Hereafter. It depends on us how can we write. There are some points I can discuss.

• The Believe in Allah, in the messengers of Allah, in the Holy Books sent by Allah, in Angels and good and bad destiny.

• Practicing prayer and reciting The Holy Book are the headings and titles of our essay of life.

• The boy of essays is the pattern that is described in the following of beloved Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallem.

practice to pray

My dear Creator, please forgive me. The mercy, my sorrows, and distresses change in pleasure in this world and especially in the hereafter. My beloved sustainer, bless me in food, in life, in wealth, in family, in pious knowledge, in good destiny, in my kid’s destiny, and take care of my kids in every moment. The Mercy, The Truth, help me all the time. The Mercy, The Just, lightened my soul. Please be happy with me and bless my beautiful country Pakistan. Please bless the souls of my parents and those who are not existing more. Ameen

If You Want To Enjoy

There are many things If you want to enjoy. You can do some innocent activities like kids and can get pleasure. Walking stupidly and jumping for just making fun, you must try. Screaming also makes great fun.

By watching the mirror, expressing different angles of the face is also an amazing way to enjoy but for all these stupid activities, should alone and make sure no one is seeing you. 🆗😍🤗

Full of Innocence

Innocence at its peak, look the cute rabbit. The rabbit is too cute. What a peace on his face. No regret, no guilt, and only pleasure of peace. Nature is very beautiful and innocent. I am a lover of Nature. Nature is innocent. It never mistakes and misdeeds. That’s why it looks pretty and the rabbit is too pretty.

Human beings and giants are two groups, Allah created them for prayer but both are not paying full attention to Allah. When I look at the people, they indulged in negligences and misdeeds, they have been destroying the beauty of the world. If they understand the message of Allah (God ) and spend their life according to the law of Allah. They will find peace and the taste of innocence.


Pleasant weather, however in winter or summer, spring or autumn, has a great elegance. To look at this elegant nature, the people traveled to see. Some lovers of nature set a big budget to enjoy the elegance of nature. Sometimes, If you are fed up with routine life, must go outside to absorb the amusement of elegance of nature. But a good budget and time are required for it. I think everyone loves to enjoy this elegance.

Power of Allah

Many signs show the power of Allah Almighty. Flashlight frightened us most. Last night, the light was flashing and we were frightened and in my heart, I was apologizing to Allah for my mistakes. I was promised never done my mistakes again. O Allah sorry for everything.

I was reciting ayat_ul_kursi again and again. Meanwhile, the Call for prayer started and I get up to pray. My fear was gone and I slept after praying peacefully.

Living alone and silent

I have seen several behaviors of people. From them, two types of people are very interesting. One speaks very loud and the other doesn’t speak. Those who speak loud and fast can express their thoughts easily. Oftentimes they teased and taunts others and laughed at them. If someone replies to them, they targeted him constantly. They don’t forget and all the time teased and joked. But if the speaker is talking good he is best than silenced who hasn’t ideology of life.

The other type of people is silent and living alone. They don’t like to speak and live in their attitude. They don’t harm others and worked their jobs quietly. Sometimes they were very lazy and moody, but sometimes they are very sharp. If they aren’t teasing and torturing others, keep live alone and silent. It is my opinion “Those who don’t like to torture others, lived alone and were silent.”

The silenced are better than aggressive louder.