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Party Wear

Price: 5050 of each.

Excellent quality fabrics are used


Ladies dresses

Beautiful dresses attract the attention of women and linen, khaddar with the combination of wool blend makes a good feel in winter. Hashmi has too many collections of these dresses. The price is very charming. Rs: 3500 only

The Greedy to Pious Acts

The pious people are very greedy in earning merited. They make policies about how to make help others. I have seen, the pious one is not harmful to others. They raced to help others to earn goodness. You can look at your parents if you want to know who are pious people. The women cooked and served also examples of greed to pious. Taking care of patients is also a very holy job and pious people are doing these activities. Feeding to poor and helping the sufferers is very good practice and pious people are always busy getting the virtues. Why do the pious people these activities? Why do they have good tasks? For what do they do so?

They are very intelligent and genius. They looked at hereafter’s results. They relaxed their soul and get peace of mind. It is good and cool if you try.

Disturbing Beats

Avoiding disturbing beats

Go away, let me succeed

The destination is very near to me

Silently do work and be focused

The Pious People and the right path

When we work honestly we achieve peace of mind and soul. When we help others to bring their life good and easy, it gives us serenity and comfort. This is the right path to get the attention of pious people. What do the pious people? What is the right path?

The Pious People

  1. Pious people imagine the optimism
  2. They are very focused on their beliefs
  3. They set the principles of life and kept pointed always
  4. The pious people spoke softly and spoke piously
  5. They loved the cleanliness and kept surroundings clean
  6. They tried their best to help the people in their tasks
  7. They helped others without earning the money

Women wear

Hashmi has the best variety of women’s wear. It is a sample of my collection. Its price is very reasonable. Listen, it is only 3500 rps.

ladies suits

Hashmi has a collection of women’s dresses like this article. To buy contact us without hesitation. We can show you by contacting us. These are 3pcs suits, winter collection, linen fabric 20.20 and 2 pcs are also available.