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HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the language of the computer. The computer uses this language to understand the instructions. HTML is like:

html is like body structure

HTML is the basic bone of a computer.

Let’s start to learn Html. Let’s come on a notepad of the computer 🤖 .

<>Angle Bracket

The sign of the angle bracket is most important in the HTML. It is /forward slash and it is backward slash. In HTML, only /slash works.

<html> </html>

<html> it is called opening tag. </html> it is closing tag. For the head of your website, you have to write.


after that give the title and then close head. Then the instructions are in this form.




After giving a title as you want, the body starts. You can write text according to your title in MS Word, then copy the text and paste it in the center of the body. The tag of starting body is:


Text of your website

Welcome to my web page!


For saving this page press ctrl+s and then save as Index .html. Now you can take it on desktop and can live to watch it on chrome.

The color of the background of the web page can be changed with this tag.

<body bg color=”red”>

you can also give an image in the background. Take a new folder on the desktop and give a name to it “image” and then copy the image and named it “ABC”. For calling your desired image go in the body tag.

<body background=”image/abc.jpg></body>

Sometimes you want to quit some text, for this purpose, you can use this tag.


It is used to comment not working.

This tag is for font description. There are only 7 sizes available of the font in HTML.


To color the font, the tag of the font should be like this;

<font color=”red”>hashmi</font>

For the description of the styles of the font with color, this tag should be like this.

<font color=”red” size=”7″ face=”ravie”>hashmi</font>

Styles and colors, you can take about your desires.

The heading of the body is most important. It is a heading tag <h1></h1>, and only 6 levels are available. For example,



Only 6 times you can copy it continuously. To alignment left_right_centre and color, it should be written in this form.

<h1 align=”left”><font color=” red”>hashmi</font></h1>

Here is a description of texting styles.







For a listing of text the tags are:




If you want to start a list with circles then apply the tag.

<ul type=”circle”><li>hashmi</li><ul>

The same pattern of ordering list but for that apply<ol>start</ol>close.

<ol type=”1,a, A”></ol>

If you want to call an image and color in the background, the tag should be written in this form.

<body bgcolor=”red”>

<body img scr=”image/abc.jpg” width=”300″ height=”300″ border=”10″ align=”left”or “right”>

For justifying paragraph, you can apply this tag before the text of the body.

<p></p>, <br></b>, <p align=”justify”></p>


For the animation of the text used this tag;

<marquee><h1>hashmi business</h1></marquee>

For the speed to increase or below some instructions are written in the marquee tag:

<marquee scrollamount=”15,25″ direction= “left, right, up, down” height=”10″ behavior=”alternate, slide,scroll” loop=”2″><h1></h1></marquee>

If you want when your mouse comes on the moving text and text will stop, then after the loop write these instructions.

loop=”1″ on mouse over=”stop”() on mouse out=”start”()>

Table Tag

<table> It is called table row

<tr>table room

<td>it stands for table data




In the table row, we adjust the table design for example,

<table border=”1″ border color=”red” width=”990″ height=”40″ align=”center” bgcolor=”black”>

After that write data in the <td> tag of your site for example,


<td align=”center”>hashmi business</td>


For cell spacing use this tag:

<table border=”1″ bordercolor=”red” width=”990″ height=”40″ align=”center” bg color=”black” cell spacing=”7″ cell padding=”10″>

Table File:

If you want to link a file with a word the instructions will add in <td> of the previous page.

The tag of the linking file is:

<td align=”center”><a href=”html.index, file name”>back file</a></td>

one more method of linking files, select a picture and gave it a name 1, then write this tag

<a href=”table.html”, table file=”1″><a><a><img scr=”image”/1.jpg” width=”200″ height=”200″></a>

Build Website Home Page:

Now we start a website home page.



<title> Home</title>








Now add some changes to the opening table tag

<table border=”1″ border color=”red” width=”990″ height=”200″ align=”center” >

Now take the copy from the opening table to the closed table according to your needs. When you take the second copy of the table minor changes are required every time. Now we learn some changes in <td> tag :

<td align=”center”>Home, Gallery, about, contact us</td>

<td align=”center” width=”198″>Home</td>

Again copy-paste of table to table and minor changes are required:

<td align=”center”>news</td>

<td align=”center” width=”150″>news</td>

<td align=”center”>today we learn about page structure</td>

Again take a copy table to table and minor changes are required:

<table border=”1″ bordercolor=”red” width=”990″ height=”500″ align=”center”>

<td align=”center” width=”150″>content</td

<td align=”center” width=”200″>content</td>

Now come to the first content table and enter a few website links:

<td align=”center” width=”150″ Valign=”middle, top,bottom”></td>

After this tag paste a copy of table to table

<table border=”1″ border color=”red” width=”149″>


<td align=”center”></td>



Now you can take a copy from tr to tr, again and again, write different links as you like. Now you want to call a picture on the second content, take a copy table to table in the second td content. paste it.

<table border=”1″ border color =”red” width=”199″ height=”166″>


<td align=”center”>pic 1</td>



Three times take a copy of this tag and paste it.