Ability to Learn and Unlearn

The learning process goes on with your passion. If you are passionate to learn new things, you can learn and unlearn skills quickly. To be updated, it is important to learn new things and skills.

What is unlearning and why it is important?

Unlearning is to get rid of those skills or things that are not demanding in the modern period of life. To move on it is necessary to learn something new.

To learning, I recommend you four points to remember. It would be helpful to learning;


The passion to learn the newest skills and knowledge is most important. If you are passionate you can move on easily.


I must do so, it is a commitment. To be focused, commitment plays a great role. Without commitment, you can’t learn.


Curiosity is very important to learn better. Curiosity kicks you to do a better job.

4.Ability to learn and unlearn

It is very important to decide whether you are happy with that skill which is not demanding or learn something new for the advanced time.

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