Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam. Hajj is a very emotional prayer that Muslims perform once a year. Muslims wore in a white robe surrendered to the great creator Allah, saying ” we are presenting itself “O Allah”there is no God but Allah. There is no partner in the whole praise and the kingdom of Allah Almighty. We believe that after death, we present amongst Allah. Hajj is practical of this belief. It also shows the equality of human beings. Performing Hajj is the best way to get the pleasure of Allah. May Allah facilitates us to perform hajj once a year. (Ameen).


Sacrifice is a great emotion. It develops relations beautifully. when you surrender to others to make them happy, it is sacrifice. Not easy to sacrifice but if you do, you’ll get the feeling of greatness of the sacrifice. It gave you positive energy. The smiling face of others gave the power to do more good for others. It makes a great connection between the two.

Great creator

Today after practicing my prayer(fajr)l saw the sky. The beautiful blue color of the sky and its vast dynasty fascinating me. There were beautiful grey clouds. The freedom of flying pigeons, sparrows, crows in the vast sky makes me the sense that how Allah almighty is the great creator.


I recite today surah alhijr(the rocky tract). Allah advised us a lot of time to pay attention to him. In that, he said”and never have we destroyed any township, except that there was for them a known inscription (the law which they violated and met their fate). So l feel how much it is true if something is going wrong with us, we should think about it what we are doing. In the whole day, we disobey Allah’s verse. Then we said what is happening to us. Keep in mind Allah is merciful& very kind.

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