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Naat Shareef

Naat Shareef is praising the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallem. Hashmi has a great collection of Naat. The beauty of this site, kids are beautifully reciting naats.


Here is a variation of blogging about the Hashmi experience. Hashmi’s blogs expressed his thoughts and feelings. Blogging is Hashmi’s passion and readers liked and loved his blogs.


Hashmi is a web designer. He writes a book on computer language HTML. This edition of HTML is available on this site.

Digital Marketing

On the Hashmi site, you can learn courses on Digital Marketing. Hashmi has described briefly and beautifully this course. You must learn it.


Hashmi is highly qualified in SEO. On the Hashmi site, a full course of SEO is available. The way of describing is very admirable. You can easily access SEO after taking this course.

🇵🇰 anthem

Hashmi has a collection of 🇵🇰 anthem. The specialty of this site, the kids singing beautifully and their cute emotions for 🇵🇰 is appreciatable.


Hashmi business provides a great opportunity to new businesses to sell their products online through this site. Hashmi is managing party wear, bridal wear, casual, and all seasonal dresses of women’s choice.