How lovely to glance at the sky. I always look up and want to see the creator of this vast kingdom. The beautiful blue sky amuses me a lot. There is too much to see in the sky. The sky has its tremendous charm and attractions. The sky is not limit, the mind. Only from the heart can you touch the sky.

The secret to get honor

[Fฤtir, 35:10]

Allah says:

Whoever desires honour, then to Allah belongs all honour. The pure words ascend to Him alone, and He is the One Who elevates (the grades of) a pious deed. And those who are continually engaged in evil maneuvers, for them is severe punishment and their deceiving schemes will go void.

There are two main topics to get the honor.

1.Pure words

2.Pious deeds

1.Pure words

There are several types of pure words. Hazrat Muhammad ( Sallallahu Alaihe Wa Sallam ) said:” spoke the pure words is a charity”. Praising words about our master Allah is the pure word. Avoid abusing and spoke with tolerance is the pure word. There are many ways to understand the reality of pure words.

2.Pious deeds

Whoever could refuse the reality of pious deeds. Practicing prayer is a central part of pious deeds. Reciting the Holy Quran is also a major pious deed. Taking bath and ablution in a proper Islamic manner is also a pious deed. To help others in their difficulties is a great pious deed. Cleanliness plays a major part in pious deeds. There are various types of pious deeds.

Fed to the poor

Quran Majeed advised a lot of time to fed the poor. Allah Almighty loves those who fed the hungry one. In the Quran, Allah says,” Or feeding on a day of scarcity,(the poor and the needy during scarcity…striving to put an end to their suffering and economic crises) “.

just feel it and imagine, the sufferings of the miserable and also a scarcity. it is very painful to imagine.

When cooking something, take care of those who are suffering from hunger. They have the right to our meal.

Give a meal to poor


It’s about my thoughts. A free opinion about different topics that I have. Here is a collection of short articles and opinions. I hope you will appreciate me.


Art is a way of expressing thoughts on canvas. Art is a part of an imagined world. Sometimes, we see art in the form of paint, colors, pencils, sketches, drawings, and sometimes it is around us in the form of a gallery of pictures. The universe is a piece of art. Without art there is nothing.


Flowing water

Everyone knows the evidence of water. Water is life. Without water we are nothing. The river is a major source of water. The 3rd part of the Earth is water.

Do you have a journey to the river?

I went to last year River Ravi. The journey runs awesome. Floating boats and pleasing faces of people making me happy. I also ride on a boat with my family. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. But during the ride, we were feeling the sweat power of water. Before riding on a boat we were hesitant, and feeling fear. After riding we were desiring more. It was the beauty of water. It attracts us too much.

Needs of the modern world

The whole world is becoming computerized. Now, the need for this period, to prepare yourself according to the demands of this time. Civilized nations preferred to gain knowledge and modernized themselves according to the present inventions. It is overhearing, within a few moments, a country invented a thing and another country invent this. Day by day we are inventing and grooming. So the time is motivating us to do so. The need for this modernized world to be modernized. Below is a list of, the needs of the modern world.


A major demand of this period is education. Education guides us in every field of our life. Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wasallm) said: “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave”.

2. The right use of social media:

The most demanding need of this period is to be aware of the right uses of social media. We should educate our societies on the importance of social media. Nowadays we are using YouTube , Facebook, Twitter, websites, and many more. There should be schools about the uses of social media or networking.


You should teach others what you learn. Teaching is the best way to learn. So, that you have should deliver to others. Teaching is a very noble passion.

4. Expertise yourself in science and technology fields

It is the period of science and technology. We see in every field of life the presence of science and technology. So prepare yourself according to the present needs.

5. Health awareness&fitness

The famous saying is ” Health is Wealth “. Keep care of your health. If you are healthy then you can do everything.

Social Media

It’s a time of social media.

Now the world is globalized. Social Media is playing an incredible part in it. Everyone is getting advantages of social media. With the use of social media, we are connecting each other frequently. We should use it positively. We should use it to improve our skills&getting knowledge.

Eid ul Adha

Eid ul Adha is the biggest festival of Muslims. On this occasion, we wear new clothes. We slay a goat to give his meat to the poor. The whole day we feel the Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail’s sacrifice.

Pleasure of Clouds

beauty of clouds

Nature is very beautiful. The clouds are the great part of it. Sometimes clouds make us happy and sometimes sad. Often they gave us great pleasure. Soothe breezing with clouds makes the whole environment pleasant. A cup of tea, French ๐ŸŸ, and snacks with seeing clouds have a great time. Just feel the pleasure of clouds.

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