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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization depends on information. There are many search engines like Google, Bing, Quora, etc. Google is very valuable and has a 100 billion search volume.

Why do we use Search Engine Optimization?

The needs and intents of the people insist them to Search. They search according to their needs. For example, a doctor search about disease and cure. A chef needed to explore recipes. That’s why we use Search Engine Optimization.

Types of SEO:

1.General search; Engine, Yahoo, Google are examples of it.

2.Video search; youtube is the best example of it.

3.Image search; google image and much more engines are used to search images.

4.Book search; where you can search a book

5.Audio search

6.Location search

7. Documents search

8.Job search

9.Q A search

10.Patent search

11.Business search

12.Directories search

13. Specified search

All these types of searches are in Google available and google is ranked 1 in search engines. 100 billion search volume of Google.

Bing is also very valuable and it is ranked 2or3. YouTube has a huge volume and 75000 videos watched in a second. Quora which is used for QA has a great volume. In China, baidu is most used. Internet Archive and Duck Duck Go are high-ranked search engine optimization.

What is Google?

Google is not the only Search Engine Optimization, now it is a pool of information. There are several types of google. Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Maps, News, YouTube, Chrome, Translation, are some products of google. There are many more products of Google.Google Adsense, Google Business, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, G Office like Sheets, Docs, slides… For photo g+, G contact, G pixel, Home, Android, wear OS, Wifi, Chromebook, it is a laptop. Alphabet is also launched by Google where every company of hardware and software collected. Now, how you can define what is google.

How search organizes information?

Google and all search engines see websites in three steps.

  • Crawling Index
  • Search Algorithm
  • Useful Response

Google searches websites by crawling, for example, when you search a website and comes to a list of according to your searched website and you jumped another website, the same technique of Google. It is called the crawling index. Google analysis of your words and match your search criteria then rank useful pages. Google returns you the best results of your search.

For understanding Google, you understand Google or other search engines are like a library, you can pick a book of your desires.


  • How do search engines work?
  • How do they find the content on the web?
  • How do they index the content?
  • How do they rank information?
  • How do they show results against the search queries?

The knowledge of these questions is called SEO. When we help Google to optimize better it is only done by good SEO.

SEO Ranked Factors

Google runs by the algorithm. When Google calculates the information by the algorithm, it is called SEO Ranked Factors. Google indexes information in a Criteria or Pattern. Google has 200+ factors to see to judge information to run. Google has a secret recipe to judge to rank a website. Google is very serious about its algorithm. Google critically analysis the title, information, link, loading, security, speed of the website. If a website has useful information google ranked it.

Categories of Ranking Factors

  1. On-Page Ranking Factors
  2. Off-Page Ranking Factors

When we write a title, content, an image, video, etc. it is called on-page ranking factors and it has a 30% ranking ability.

An off-page ranking factor is called backlinks. When we write a page linked it another page like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Youtube, and traffic comes on our page, it is called off-page ranking factors. It has the ability of 70% to rank a website.

Technical SEO

Servers and developers handled technical SEO. It is crucial to monitor the intentions of people so the only developers and servers can design a good SEO-friendly website.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO says to make a good website which has good speed well optimize and provide a value to users. Google permitted white hat SEO websites and it has long-term results.

Black Hat SEO

Search engines and Google don’t allow to rank black hat SEO. Sometimes people make black hat SEO websites as a shortcut to rank but it has not long-term results.

Grey Hat SEO

Sometimes developers make a combination of white and black SEO websites, it is called grey hat SEO.

Organic SEO vs SEM

The algorithm is very important amongst Google and Google can’t compromise on it. You can’t buy to the top rank in Google. There are two methods to rank in Google.

  1. Organic SEO, free of cost ranking
  2. SEM paid to rank

Google differentiates by displaying SEM websites by the word “ads”. The run by the method of PPC, Pay Per Click.

How is the SEO profession different from Development and Design?

A good website means a good design and good development and different techniques of SEO. A good SEO aligns with the design and development. SEO is a never-ending service. When Google-friendly websites with good design and development run, Google ranked them. It is because of good SEO possible.

What is Content?

Content is very essential for Google and SEO. Google is hungry for content. Websites can’t be ranked without content. Content is not only text. The images, the audio, and the video, logos, and visual look are also formed content.

What is Google’s mission?

Google is the biggest company in the world. Google says:

“Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”

Google stands with this mission for 20 years and now it is no#1 search engine. You can see, on every device where the internet is available, Google is giving its services.

Google has launched various types of products to facilitate its users. Below is a list of Google products for different tasks.

  1. Direct Answer Box
  2. Featured Snippets
  3. Numbered List
  4. Rich Snippets
  5. Local Pack
  6. Knowledge Panel
  7. Image Pack
  8. News Box


Google and Bing are very smart. They have ecosystems and they tracked our data. When a user searched a website, Google tracked the searches of the user and provides a list of websites according to their searches. Google feeds the data into its engines. Google knows of every person who is using Google and has access to track him. The tools of Google-like, Google Map, Android helped it to track and store data. The ecosystem of Google is very strong.

SEO in Digital Marketing

Traffic on websites

search social direct referral

Search: When the users searched for you on Google. It is the way of organic traffic on your website.

social: when the user com on your page by social networks, it is called social traffic on your website.

Direct: when the people who know you, and they write your domain to search, it is called direct traffic on your website.

Referral: If your website’s link is attached with other websites and users from there come to your website it is called referral traffic on your website.

These four methods help us to promote our strong channels of traffic and to make better our weak channels. In Digital Marketing, we see which product is most searched and we promote that product

organic medium

paid medium

Search has two categories to come traffic. Organic medium and paid medium. When your website has powerful and good content and the people liked it so much and they viral it, your website ranked on Google. It is called organic medium traffic. When you are paid to rank your website, it is called paid medium traffic. But both ways demand good content to run. Content is like fuel to your website. We can’t run a website without content.

What is Loyalty Loop? How can SEO help in getting prospects?

In Digital Marketing, the loyalty loop plays a major role. The brand runs by a loyalty loop. When people search for a thing on Google, for example, if they are searching best shoes in Pakistan and websites came on the first page. It is called active evaluation and it is most important for a brand to be ranked. If you win customers in the active evaluation liked your product and offers then they decide to buy. It is a moment of purchase. When the user sets his mind from where he purchased and is questioned about the product, a brand can win the customer by its good dealing forever. If the result of purchasing according to customers desires. Next time the buyer will come with confidence. It is called a loyalty loop. This loyalty loop can only be organized by good SEO.

What is PESO Model?

There are four mediums of media to rank your website.

  1. Owned media
  2. Paid media
  3. Earned media
  4. Shared media

Owned media is the content you are the owner of. It can be text, an image, a video of your owned content. Penned media is very important for good SEO. Good content can easily be ranked.

When your content is good, you can also use paid media to be ranked. From this media traffic can easily come to your website.

When the content is very good, the content, the traffic comes on your website because of your content and now you can earn by your content. It can be your art and maybe your business. But the charm of content attracts the users.

when your content is good it will be viral and shared by people. If you have good own media you can get all authority and can make a good brand.

Outbound Marketing

The ads run on T.V and in newspapers are called outbound marketing. This technique of advertisement is traditional and interrupts the users. In this method, the marketer pushes you to watch an advertisement. These ads run again and again and the users are fed up by watching the same ads. As a result, the users when ads run, go to another channel or go for some work. What happened with that business that is paying a big amount and the users don’t like to watch. In advanced countries, this technique of advertisements has almost gone but in developing countries, this technique is still used.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is an advanced and digital technology of advertisement. In this method, the businessmen don’t like to push their advertisements to the users. The term of advertisement is now changed. Inbound marketing provides digitally a value. If the user is in need, he will search for his need on the internet. When he finds the result, if he desires to purchase, he can purchase. In this method, a brand builds the trust of users by providing reasonable answers to the users.SEO plays a major role in Inbound marketing. In this pattern, SEO can grow a business in four steps.

  1. Attract; It is a time to know what the people are searching for. If you attract the users at that time you can win them. To attract people, providing them answers to their needs is SEO.
  2. Convert; These users will buy and can convert into regular customers by good behavior and SEO.
  3. Delight; If the users are happy they will promote the brand.

The next period is Inbound marketing. If both techniques apply for promoting business can get the best results.

How does search play a role in successful Inbound Marketing?

It is the social media era. Now the people searching their needs on Google. They write the questions in Google and Google provides websites according to their needs. The answers provided by SEO. If you provide the answers according to the needs of people, it is called SEO.


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