Purity is half of Faith

When you see, the people who wore the robes of his religion, whereas they are looking dirty, they are not religious. They are only pretending to be able to get the attention of the crowd.

The truly religious person likes the cleanliness of surroundings and inner. The creator (Allah) loves beauty and loves those who are neat&clean.

Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallem said: “Cleanliness ( Purity ) is half of faith.”

When we clean our house and put everything in a manner, after that we clean ourselves, we feel better. Our soul feels good.

Yet, you tried to clean your inner, how would you feel?

My feeling always changed when my vision is pious and pure.

If someone enhances the habit, cleans both physiques and souls, pray of one creator, Spoke the truth and be honest, and avoiding sins, he should be able to get half of his faith.

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