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The name of Allah

The all_Compassionate, The all_Mercifull, The King, The Holy, The Source of Peace, The Source of Faith, The Guardian, The Almighty, The Compeller, The Majestic, The Creator, The Originator, The Fashioner of Things, The repeatedly Forgiving, The Subduer, The Bestower, The sustainer, The Victory Giver, The All_Knowing, The Re_strainer, The Extender, The Abaser, The Exalter, The Giver of Honor, The Giver of Dishonor, The All-Hearing, The All_seeing, The Judge, The Just, The Gentle, The All_Aware, The forbearing, The Magnificent, The Much_Forgiving, The Most Appreciative, The Highest, The Greatest, The Preserver, The Nourisher, The Reckoner, The Majestic, The Boutiful, The Watchful, The Responsive, The Boundless, The Wise, The Loving, The Glorious, The Resurrector, The Witness, The Truth, The Trustee, The strong, The Firm, The Protecting Friend, The Praiseworthy, The Appraiser, The Originator, The Restores, The Giver of Life, The Taker of Life, The Ever Living, The Self Existing, The perceiver, The Glorious, The Unique, The One, The External, The All_Powerful, The Omnipotent, The Expediter, The Delayer, The First, The Last, The Manifest, The Hidden, The patron, The supremely Exalted, The Source of Goodness, The Ever Pardoning, The Avenger, The Pardoner, The Kind, The Owner of All, The Lord of Majesty&Generosity, The Equatable, The Gatherer, The Self Sufficient, The Enricher, The Withholder, The Distresser, The Source of Good, The Light, The Guide, The Originator, The Everlasting, The Inheritor, The Righteous Teacher, The Most Patient