A race to look beautiful

I observed that everyone involves in a race to beautify his appearance. I think a lot of beauty products as it’s an attraction insists us to look beautiful. The advertisements of beauty products gave us a dominant motivation. I have seen, if I open YouTube, there are a lot of commercials for beauty products, when I open Facebook, there are a lot of advertisements, in every place of social media, I have seen the commercials of beauty products. The techniques of advertisements are different on every platform.

Sometimes I feel it is going on too much. The competition to look more beautiful than others is not ethical. Everyone is beautiful. Don’t compete with others to make felt them, they are not beautiful and we are beautiful because we have more beauty products to enhance our beauty. But I can’t say to don’t look beautiful. I love to look beautiful.

The revolution of beauty products provided us the awareness and a great sense of beauty. Everyone is using beauty products. I see in our home, without beauty products we can’t live. Ha Ha πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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