Living alone and silent

I have seen several behaviors of people. From them, two types of people are very interesting. One speaks very loud and the other doesn’t speak. Those who speak loud and fast can express their thoughts easily. Oftentimes they teased and taunts others and laughed at them. If someone replies to them, they targeted him constantly. They don’t forget and all the time teased and joked. But if the speaker is talking good he is best than silenced who hasn’t ideology of life.

The other type of people is silent and living alone. They don’t like to speak and live in their attitude. They don’t harm others and worked their jobs quietly. Sometimes they were very lazy and moody, but sometimes they are very sharp. If they aren’t teasing and torturing others, keep live alone and silent. It is my opinion “Those who don’t like to torture others, lived alone and were silent.”

The silenced are better than aggressive louder.

The Cheerfulness

The cheerfulness sheds the distress of the surrounding. Everyone loves a cheerful personality. Only a healthy soul spread cheers to others.

In my life, a lot of times I have solved the problems by cheerfulness. The sorrows, the issues, are a part of life. But an optimistic get rid of soon by these problems. His life moves on by cheerfulness.

For cheering look around nature. The sky, the birds, the clouds everything of nature can give you a cheer. The flowers, the sparrows are calling you to just cheer.

Ya Muhammad Noor e Mujassam

Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallem was too beautiful and elegant.

The beloved of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa, Sallallahu Alaihe Wa Alehi Wasallem is the perfect model for Muslims. The only way to get the achievements of the hereafter is by practicing the teachings of Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallem.

The sky and Earth

When I look on the edge of the earth and sky, it seems like a beautiful couple is whispering. The sky is telling the stories to the earth, and the earth is telling the stories to the sky. What do they are saying? I can guess, the sky is praising the earth, and the smiled face of the earth reflecting the sky.

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