Full of Innocence

Innocence at its peak, look the cute rabbit. The rabbit is too cute. What a peace on his face. No regret, no guilt, and only pleasure of peace. Nature is very beautiful and innocent. I am a lover of Nature. Nature is innocent. It never mistakes and misdeeds. That’s why it looks pretty and the rabbit is too pretty.

Human beings and giants are two groups, Allah created them for prayer but both are not paying full attention to Allah. When I look at the people, they indulged in negligences and misdeeds, they have been destroying the beauty of the world. If they understand the message of Allah (God ) and spend their life according to the law of Allah. They will find peace and the taste of innocence.


Pleasant weather, however in winter or summer, spring or autumn, has a great elegance. To look at this elegant nature, the people traveled to see. Some lovers of nature set a big budget to enjoy the elegance of nature. Sometimes, If you are fed up with routine life, must go outside to absorb the amusement of elegance of nature. But a good budget and time are required for it. I think everyone loves to enjoy this elegance.