Appreciation leads the talents

Appreciation is a great force that gives rise to our abilities. The people always remember those who appreciated them. When someone forces for his talent but he is tired, the words of appreciation “Yes You Can will magically boot him, and his talent or abilities dominantly came out. Appreciation leads the talent and I have experience of it. When I said to my fellowships” my dear” “wow” “amazing how you do that” “good job” as the result of these words they smiled and liked me. Even if I feel, I also like to appreciate. Yet I memorize those who appreciate my work. I must say appreciation can be used as a cure for talent.

Ya Taiba Ya Taiba

Taiba is the city of our dear Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wa Sallam. Every Muslim is passionate to visit this great city. The devotees like to go to the light and Taiba is the light for Muslims.

The light

Pious words and pious deeds

the light to the paradise

The beauty of nature and organized system

the evidence to be express

The great creator and beautiful nature

Cheering us to the success

Patience is the secret to fortune

Patience is courage and brave people have the power to courage. When I got on all powers and I feel lonely, I thought Allah is with me, I feel relaxed.

Life is too short but still, it is complexed. The competition of advancement makes us anxious. If we leave the competition it is our loss. If we run like a rabbit, we tired soon. Patience is the key to fortune, we must find it and open the door to prosperity.

Those who are patients and tolerant, Allah is with them.

Muhammad Nabiyena

Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallem is the light of Allah Almighty to us. The light shows us the path to the success of everlastingness. Countless greetings and blessings of Allah Almighty upon him.

The things only I can do

what is in my heart, who can listen

only I can listen

My pleasures, my dreams, who fulfill them

only I can fulfill

what is in my mind, who can read

only I can read

For my dignity, for my respect, who can effort

only I can effort

I am precious, I am special, who can prove

only I can prove

Take care of my health and safety, who can care

only I can care

If I stand for my career and future, who can stand

only I can stand

A race to look beautiful

I observed that everyone involves in a race to beautify his appearance. I think a lot of beauty products as it’s an attraction insists us to look beautiful. The advertisements of beauty products gave us a dominant motivation. I have seen, if I open YouTube, there are a lot of commercials for beauty products, when I open Facebook, there are a lot of advertisements, in every place of social media, I have seen the commercials of beauty products. The techniques of advertisements are different on every platform.

Sometimes I feel it is going on too much. The competition to look more beautiful than others is not ethical. Everyone is beautiful. Don’t compete with others to make felt them, they are not beautiful and we are beautiful because we have more beauty products to enhance our beauty. But I can’t say to don’t look beautiful. I love to look beautiful.

The revolution of beauty products provided us the awareness and a great sense of beauty. Everyone is using beauty products. I see in our home, without beauty products we can’t live. Ha Ha 😀😀

Dreams to Succeed

Motivation and hardworking achieved your dreams to succeed.


Motivation push-up you to achieve your destinations. It helps you to set your goals. Life is useless if you do not set goals. You can motivate by watching videos of successful personalities and can set goals for life. It is very important to succeed in your dreams.


When you set your goals, put your full force to achieve them. If you want to achieve something good, only your dedication and hardworking can do so for you. To succeed, hardworking is most important.